Top 5 Desert Island Picks! #movies #top5 #stephenking #davidbowie

Obviously being deserted on an island with a bunch of movies is not exactly practical. Who knows maybe there is electricity, a TV and a DVD player? What? It could happen and I could NOT live without is these movies. Here’s why…



I am still heart-sick over David Bowie’s death as I am a huge fan. But as amazing as he was in this film, when I first watched it, I didn’t know who he was because I was just a kid. I just remember that it was magical, exciting and a little scary. It was the movie I watched over and over until my VHS (Yes I realize I’m dating myself) wore out.

As an adult I can now appreciate both David and Jennifer Connelly’s amazing performances and Jim Henson’s masterful puppetry, not to mention a beautiful soundtrack.


High Fidelity

I am a huge John Cusack fan, especially of his 80’s flicks. This movie resonates with me in such a way, I feel like I’ve lived it. Cusack is absolutely brilliant in it and the rest of the cast are hilarious and talented. Not only does this movie boast one of the greatest soundtracks ever, it is also one of the most amazing film adaptations I have ever seen. The novel with the same name is written by well-known British author, Nick Hornby.

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Bridget Jones’s Diary

It doesn’t matter what kind of mood I am in, nothing makes me feel better than watching Bridget navigate her way through life as a 30 something singleton. I have a soft spot for British comedy and to me, this movie is like a bowl of chicken soup when I’m sick, a hug when I’m lonely and a silly friend when I just need a good laugh. I truly never tire of it and needless to say, I have a very battered copy of the book by Helen Fielding that I have reread a million times.

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One would assume I enjoy this one because I love Johnny Depp. Well one would be wrong lol. I do love Johnny, he is one of my favourite actors, but that’s not why Chocolat is so endearing to me. Juliette Binoche is so charming and beautiful, the cast is fabulous pulling all kinds of heart-strings, and it’s about chocolate! CHOCOLATE!!! This whimsical film makes me melt a little. Sorry couldn’t help myself.

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The Shawshank Redemption

Two words, Morgan Freeman. Love the man! In addition, I am also a fan of Stephen King. This epic movie, adapted From King’s short story, is so well done it makes you think it’s based on a true story. Sorry folks, it’s not.

I watch this one about once a year and it never gets old. Tim Robbins plays his role so well, you don’t even care that he “allegedly” murdered his wife and lover. Instead, you root for him because he plays such a likeable character. Besides, all of the prisoners in Shawshank are innocent. Everyone knows that.

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Thanks for letting me ramble on about my favourites. Please feel free to share some of yours!








6 thoughts on “Top 5 Desert Island Picks! #movies #top5 #stephenking #davidbowie

  1. rbuchel

    Shawshank FTW!

    These would be my 5:

    Men willing to die for one another in an attempt to overcome the odds in a brilliant display of bravery and loyalty. The action, the passion, the message of hope in the face of defeat…yup, this would be a must.

    Flash Gordon
    Ming is alive! Not only would I get Queen doing the soundtrack, this movie has Hawkmen!!! Yeah, grew up with it and now I could not see life without it.

    Back to School
    Rodney gets so much respect from me that this movie would be the comedy I take with me.

    Star Wars ep IV
    Do I really need to explain this one? Its Star Wars….its has Lightsabers!! Darth Vader….Ben Kenobi…

    The pursuit of happiness
    This movie hit me right in the feels when it came out in in Dec 2006…I knew what it was about, dismissed it at first, but personal circumstances gave it a new light in early 2007 when I finally saw it and I connected with it.

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