Recommended by Shanannigans

Dark Fever Series


Having read the first book in the series Dark Fever, by Karen Marie Moning for another article, I decided to continue on with the rest of the series. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Dark Fever was a bit “Harlequin” for my tastes and I absolutely loathed the protagonist  (I know, why did I continue? ) but there was something about it that made me curious enough to continue on to the next book, Blood Fever, and wow, was I pleasantly surprised. It was so much better. The writing, the character development, even the protagonist was growing on me. It is as though the author intentionally held back as a plot device.

Anyway I just thought I  would share with you what I am reading now, which is book #5, the last in the series and I  am trying to read it slowly because I  don’t want it to end.

If Urban Fantasy is your thing,  I  highly recommend this series!

Happy Reading! Avatar-1454414627083--1970497781 - Copy

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