Movie Review 

Maggie -Zombie Movie

After his daughter (Abigail Breslin) is infected with a virus that transforms her into a zombie. (Arnold Schwarzenegger ) will stop at nothing to save her.

For fans (like me) of the zombie genre, this movie is as close as it gets to being tear jerker.

Arnold Schwarzenegger steps out of his comfort zone to star in this dark, almost artsy film about a father’s fierce love for his daughter and the lengths he will go to protect her.

Maggie (Abigail Breslin ) is bitten by an infected person in Kansas City and her father finally finds her 2 weeks later at a hospital in quarantine. After some basic instructions and a handy pamphlet, they are sent to live out the rest of her days at home with strict instructions to return to quarantine just before she completely succumbs to the virus.

Honestly this is probably the most realistic zombie apocalypse movie I have seen to date. The virus is lethal and contagion is a real threat but it is almost as though Maggie has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and goes through the natural process one given 2 weeks to live might go through. Having said that it is still a zombie movie so expect a few scary moments.

The pace of Maggie is slow and it definitely is not for everyone but I  still think it’s great to see Arnie doing something different. The ending is surprisingly touching and I never thought I would say this, but maybe have a tissue ready.

I give Maggie a C. Good effort but just a little bit slow.


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