Summer Blockbusters & New Hot Reads

Well it’s that time of year again folks! Time to start thinking about how you’re going to while away those hazy days of summer. Whether you’re sunning yourself on the beach or wanting to cool down in an air conditioned theater, I’ve got a whole bunch of new releases that will keep you entertained.

Movie Lovers 


This may be the year of the Superhero but if that’s not your thing there are a ton of awesome, highly anticipated blockbusters coming to a theater near you and these are just a few. Personally I am really looking forward to the Jungle Book and Independence Day 2!

 Book Lovers 


Don’t worry fellow readers. There are some amazing books, critics are raving about that have hit the shelves already, so if you’re heading to the cottage or the beach this May long weekend, make sure you stuff some paperbacks in your bag. Really is there a nicer way to spend a lazy sunny afternoon on your deck? Or better still, curl up with one of these titles on a rainy day and you will soon forget about the weather.


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