Author Spotlight

Lacey London


Lacey London is the bestselling author of the enormously popular Clara Andrews series. Lacey resides in Wilmslow, 51ty3N7z83L._UX250_England with her lovely husband and adored Yorkshire Terrier. When she’s not writing she’s faithfully tweeting to her fans and friends @thelaceylondon

You can also follow her and Clara Morgan née Andrews on Goodreads and Amazon where all of her books can be downloaded to Kindle.

Meet Clara Andrews 


With a love of cocktails and wine, a fantastic job in the fashion industry and the world’s greatest best friends, Clara Andrews thought she had it all. 

That is until a chance meeting introduces her to Oliver, a devastatingly handsome American designer. Trying to keep the focus on her work, Clara finds her heart stolen by Michelin starred restaurants and luxury hotels. 

As things get flirty, Clara reminds herself that inter-office relationships are against the rules, so when a sudden recollection of a work’s night out leads her to a cheeky, charming and downright gorgeous barman, she decides to see where it goes. 

Clara soon finds out that dating two men isn’t as easy as it seems… 

Will she be able to play the field without getting played herself? 

Join Clara as she finds herself landing in and out of trouble, re-affirming friendships, discovering truths and uncovering secrets. 

 Praise for Meet Clara Andrews 

“One of my favourite books of the year!” 

“A wonderfully sparkly read!” 

“Buy it! Read it! Love it!” 

“A highly addictive roller coaster ride!” 

 Highly anticipated 7th novel

 Clara in America 

Available for pre-order now! 


Sources: Goodreads/ Amazon

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