Here’s to Doing What You Love

This isn’t a typical post I know, but I am so happy with life at this moment that I  want to capture it with words.  Naturally this shouldn’t come as a surprise because that’s what writers do and that’s what I am, a writer, A WRITER!  HOORAY!

Thanks to my very supportive family, close friends and mentor, I get to do what I love and that is such a rare and special thing.

Do I have a day job? You bet I do and it’s the hardest, most rewarding career that I have ever had. I am a stay-at-home mom. Have been since my little bundle of bliss arrived two years ago and recently, because of my decision to stay home, I’ve been able to pursue some of my passions, movies and reading.

I have always loved reading. Fiction mostly but really anything I can get my hands on. I also have the freakish ability to read incredibly fast, which has prompted the often asked question “why don’t you use that skill in a professional capacity? ” Alas with life to pay for, I have never had the luxury of putting that skill to task. Until now that is.

Reading, writing and watching movies does not pay the bills (not in my case anyway) but recently I have been given the opportunity to do just that. By pure happenstance I connected with a fantastic person who gave me the advice and tools to make my dream job a reality.  With my new connections and unfailing support from my biggest fan (My husband) my dream to read and write full-time, and yes it is possible to have two full-time jobs, just ask any parent, has come true.

So thanks guys. Thanks for everything!

In addition to writing on Reads & Reels (my baby), you can now follow my PhotoGrid_1461685201637column on this fantastic site that explores everything from books to pop culture.

Check it out!




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