The Infinite Sea



Hey there!  Just wanted to share this awesome series that I’m reading, with you.

loved The 5th Wave movie so much that I may have put the book series on top of my TBR pile (our little secret) and it is amazing! I am reading The Infinite Sea  right now and it is proving to be just as good as the first book maybe even better.  

What I love about these books in addition to reeling me in from the first paragraph, is the realism. Yes we are talking about invading aliens from space taking over the planet but every stage of the invasion seemed real to me in a way most stories of this genre don’t. The characters’ actions and reactions are things I can envision myself doing or saying. Rick Yancey has a way of putting the reader right there in the story alongside his heroes and villains.

Honestly this series has everything and has reminded me why I love dystopian sci-fi in the first place. I just hope the film adaptation is as good as The 5th Wave was!







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