Twilight for Grown-Up Women

I am so excited to welcome my very special guest blogger Book Babe from Booknista. Not only is she fabulous, she also happens to be an expert on Romantic Fantasy.


I loved Twilight. LOVED it. I read the series maybe three times. I will probably drag it out and read it again. I even suffered through the movies. They weren’t good. I know. But, my love for the trilogy kept it alive for me. Although, I do feel like Robert Pattison was completely miscast as Edward.

If you loved Twilight and you’re now a grown ass woman, what do you read?

Go online immediately and start the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward

I remember when I found book one in the series, Dark Lover.  It was 2010. I could not believe my luck.  A series woth real men, alpha vampires, grown ass woman sexy times and a great plot.

Dark Lover features Wrath.  The last full-blooded vampire in all of the world.  He falls for Beth, who isn’t exactly human, but doesn’t know that yet.  Wrath’s friend asks him to watch out for his half-blood daughter, Beth, and make sure she gets through her vampire transition.  He does… oh does he.  He watches her very closely.

Dark Lover

The Black Dagger Brotherhood fights the Lessers.  They are human bodies with no souls.  They’re out to kill all vampires.  They don’t eat, they don’t drink, they don’t have sex.  Nothing… just hate on vampires. And, in a very creative twist, they smell like baby powder.

The entire series follows the battle between the Brotherhood and the Lessers.  There’s other conflicts, even within the vampire society.  The Brothers are, to be honest, kind of thug like.  And there are other vampires who are very elite.  Old world traditions and language, lots of properness and hierarchy.  The brothers are hot, amazing fighters, crass, wear lots of leatherand have various oddities that do not in anyway take away from their sexiness.  You can see where maybe the rich fancy vamps might not dig them too much.  However, they are thankful for their service.

I’m a sucker for series that follow best friends, teammates, members of rock bands, pack mates, and hordes of vampires.  Every book features a different brother and their HEA.  Each vampire has a different vibe, unique characteristics and issues.  One is really beautiful, one was really human not too long ago, one can see the future, some aren’t even vamps…but something else and some are women. Strong kick ass vampire women.  What’s not to love?

If you like paranormal romance, you’re in to urban fantasy, and most of all, at one time you were a fangirl of Twilight and want that feeling again…but with bite…this is for you!

With thirteen books in the works, you can read at least one a month and have a fabulous year.


Where to find Dark Lover and the second book of the series, Lover Eternal



JR Wards Website


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