The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Movie Review 


This is not your average sequel!

Once in a blue moon the sequel to a popular movie can out-do the original and for me that was the case with The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Plot Synopsis

Betrayed by her evil sister Ravenna (Charlize Theron), devastated Freya (Emily Blunt) travels to the northern lands to establish an army of Huntsmen and a frozen kingdom where there is only one law: Never fall in love and if broken, is punishable by death.  Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and his fellow Huntsman Sara (Jessica Chastain) defy the queen and marry in secret. When the queen who has the  magical ability to turn anything into ice, finds out, her wrath is immeasurable!

Visually, this film is stunning as was it’s predecessor and the cast, particularly Charlize Theron, was admirable especially since Kristen Stewart did not return as Snow White (admittedly not a fan) so as a whole it was far more enjoyable to watch than the first movie.

I liked that it had its very own story to tell and had very little to do with Snow White, who’s tale has been done to death.  It did however remind me of a grown up version of Frozen.

Chris Hemsworth was very likable and I thought Jessica Chastain’s character was fierce and fun. That being said their story was also predictable. For me the star of the show was Charlize. Yes I  know everything she touches is gold (exception being Aeon Flux) but she truly plays a spectacular villain. It doesn’t hurt that as Ravenna, you can’t take your eyes off of her and her stunning wardrobe.


Emily Blunt is lovely and arresting in her own way but I far preferred her in other movies. Again  maybe it’s the Frozen thing, I can’t shake.

Winter’s War May not win any prestigious awards but for what it is, I think you will enjoy it, maybe just in the comfort of your own home.  Save the big bucks for when Maleficent’s sequel comes out. That should be great!




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