Captain America: Civil War

Movie Review 

Captain America: Civil War - Team Iron Man -Team America

What it’s about…

After the Ultron fallout and the resulting destruction of Sokovia, the UN establishes a set of accords, basically outlining what the Avengers can and can’t do and allowing the government to control and police them when deemed necessary. Naturally as Tony Stark created Ultron, he feels responsible for Sokovia and agrees to sign. Steve Rogers disagrees and feels that no one should be able to govern what he feels is right or wrong which creates a rift amongst the rest of the team.

What I thought…

The first and maybe only thing that rubbed me the wrong way about this movie was that it was created as a stand alone Captain America movie when really it was another Avengers installment.  I suppose the reasoning behind it was the winter soldier storyline but honestly throw in Thor and the Hulk and the gang’s all there.

What I really loved was how Stark finally seemed to have his ego checked, and humbled which isn’t his character at all but if you consider the responsibility of  a nation’s demise and his beloved Pepper Potts leaving  him, it’s understandable.  Throw in the revelation of how his parents really died, and you will feel sorry for him.  If Stark hadn’t undergone these huge changes, there wouldn’t have been a movie to write about because he never would have agreed to the accords.

Captain Rogers’ motivation is simple.  He is trying to keep his friend and comrade safe but at what cost?

The film it’s self was pretty entertaining as I mentioned in my Age of Ultron review, Elizabeth Olsen killed it as the Scarlet Witch and she was fantastic in this one too.  I loved how Hawkeye came out of retirement and having Spider Man join Team Stark turned out to be pretty funny. We finally have a Peter Parker who acts and sounds like a teenaged boy.

The film ends with no clear victor which was fine by me because they are friends after all. It will be interesting to see what Marvel does with the next movie. Whether it’s an Avengers installment, Iron Man or Captain America.  Regardless they have many loose ends to tie up and amends that need to be made. I wouldn’t call Civil War a cliffhanger but it was pretty close.  One thing for sure is Captain America: Civil War is slaying the box office right now. Someone needed to show Ben Affleck how it’s done!

Rating B







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