Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Book Review 


I love Sophie Kinsella.  As far as I’m concerned anything she writes is gold, and Finding Audrey is no exception! 

It’s Kinsella’s first YA novel about a 14-year-old girl named Audrey.  Audrey is funny, self-deprecating and insightful.  She also wears dark glasses at all times and cannot leave her home other than to see her psychiatrist.

After a traumatic event caused by bullying school girls, Audrey starts suffering from debilitating anxiety and depression.  Her doctors tell her it was always there but the “event” triggered a massive episode.

Audrey is confined to her home with her loving but dysfunctional family and can only tolerate those in her circle.  That is until she meets Linus.

Boy meets Girl…

Seeing as she can’t even maintain eye contact with her own family, she is surprised to discover that after meeting her brother’s friend Linus, she can slowly start to do some of the things she used to.  Initially their contact is in her own home through the passing of notes. Little by little her carefully constructed walls come down and she starts to let Linus and the rest of life in again.

What I thought…

Sophie Kinsella gives us insight to a common disorder that unfortunately carries heavy stigma.  Her characters are real people with real problems, but they are also funny and lovable in their own way.  Reading about a family rallying together and moving forward despite major upheaval in their lives is inspiring.  I loved how Audrey interacts with her brothers in her own limited way and how she admires her high-strung mom and somewhat goofy dad.

More importantly I loved reading about first love blossoming under the heavy burden of Audrey’s illness.  This in particular hits very close to home as I experienced something similar myself.

It really was a touching story that warms your heart and educates about mental health simultaneously.  I truly think that it would make a great read for someone undergoing similar problems.

It also happens to be very entertaining and delightful to read.  I would recommend this book to anyone.  In my opinion Sophie Kinsella nailed it again with this lovely tale.

Rating… A



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4 thoughts on “Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

  1. I bought the small paperback copy they had in the store so that I could read it on the plane to Portugal next week. Its a short flight but I wanted something contemporary to read! can’t wait to read it now!


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