Alice Through the Looking Glass

Movie Review 

Through the Looking Glass - Disney Live Action - Johnny Depp

I can’t wait to share Alice Through the Looking Glass with my daughter when she get’s older!

I have always loved Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass!  In fact, they are the inspiration behind my daughter’s bedroom design. Not the animated Disney version but the classic literary Alice.

So it is not surprising that I have always preferred the live action film versions. Couple that with a stellar cast and I’m a happy girl!

It’s unfortunate that this lovely movie is being shredded by critics, saying it’s the flop of the year etc… because it will deter dreamy-eyed fantasy lovers like myself from seeing it and that would be a shame.

What it’s about…

Well it’s not Carroll’s story that’s for sure, but there are many things that pay homage to the classic that perhaps only a reader or true Alice enthusiast will spot.

So what is this movie about?  Alice (Mia Wasikowska) travels back to wonderland by way of a parlor mirror (looking glass).  She learns that her dear friend the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp), is in trouble and desperately needs help.

Alice must take on Time himself (Sacha Baron Cohen) and of course the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) in order to save the Hatter and the rest of her friends before it’s too late.

My thoughts…

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to hear Alan Rickman’s voice again not as a caterpillar but in his new form, a butterfly.  It was a minor role but magical nonetheless.

The rest of the cast including Anne Hathaway, was fantastic.  Mia was wonderful as an older, wiser Alice and it was fun to see her as a sea captain of all things.

My favourite character was Time.  I hated Borat and the other satirical movies and personas Sacha Baron Cohen has either starred in or created.  As Time he was funny and endearing.  I guess as the opposing force to Alice he would be considered a villain but he was far too enjoyable to hate.

Though there were hints of the original Alice Through the Looking Glass, the movie really had nothing to do with it.  It was it’s very own story from start to finish and I can see how that would be disappointing to fans.

If you appreciate it for what it is, and not what you think it should be… you will enjoy this film.  The special effects are exciting, the scenery and set design is beautiful and the movie was entertaining and delightfully bizarre.

Rating… B-

I’m sure I am a tad biased when it comes to anything Alice but I liked the movie and I know despite negative reviews, many of you will too.





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