This Paper World: The Champion Saga

Book Review 

This Paper World: The Champion Saga- Jeff Lane

This Paper World by Jeff Lane, is action packed and kept me gripped till the very last page!

This Paper World is the exciting first installment in the Champion Saga.  It tells the story of an all-American boy named Jim and his life altering choice to forego his own dreams and join an unseen war against evil.

The Story 

18-year-old Jim Hunt is pursuing his dream of studying marine biology in Southern Florida.  He lives with his goofy roommate Eric and together they live an idyllic life full of sun, surf and occasionally studying.

Everything is going great until he prepares to go home to snowy Massachusetts for Christmas break. Suddenly he is plagued by horrific dreams and foggy memories of his time with mentor Parker, a neighbour and family friend. As the fog clears, Jim finds himself recalling long forgotten skills. Deadly skills.

“Jim,” he said looking down, “you will be destroyed if you open that door.”  For some reason Jim knew  (in the way you know things in dreams) exactly which door the man was talking about.

“Who are you?”  Jim asked through the river of blood that was flowing over his mouth and chin.  “I am Wesley, and you would do well to remember that name, ” he smiled.  “No matter what people tell you about me in the future,  I am more powerful than they could hope to imagine.  You would do better just to live your little life and never interfere with our doings.”

Jim goes home with a deep sense of foreboding and knows without knowing why, that he must confront Parker with these dreams about “Wesley” and his long repressed memories.  Parker is the key to understanding what is happening to him.  He just isn’t sure if he wants to know the answers… if he really wants to know who or what he is.

My Thoughts 

I loved it!  I started reading it without knowing anything about the series and I was pleasantly surprised to find that, not knowing made the book that much more thrilling.

I loved the characters!  They were all rich in detail with individual back stories. From the main protagonist Jim, to the lowliest minion, everyone had their own personality and it gave me more insight in to my favourites, simultaneously creating more personal attachment or revulsion depending on the character.

The writing was great and the story moved at a quick and exciting pace, befitting the storyline.  All in all it was a ton of fun and I look forward to reading more of the Champion Saga.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend.  In fact my Husband has been patiently waiting his turn.  Look for the next installment This Burning World.

This Burning World - Champion Saga- Jeff Lane


Rating… A

Jeff Lane Books





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