Roko’s Basilisk

Book Review 

Roko's Basilisk by Michael Blackbourn

This thrilling novella by Michael Blackbourn, is smart Sci-fi at it’s very best!

This is the first short story that I have ever had the privilege of reviewing. Normally I prefer novels but I have never been so glad to have stepped out of my “bookshelf”.  Roko’s Basilisk is good…it’s really, really good. 

What it’s about…

Set in the not so distant future, technology is at its peak and our planet has finally met its breaking point. Vehicles power themselves and nanobot vaccinations have made illness redundant.  Super-genius Roko is moments away from unleashing humane AI.  Hoping to aid us in cleaning up the mess we have made of our planet and restore much-needed balance.

There is however, a terrifying hitch!  Roko has discovered that by designing compassionate AI (hoping to avoid technology from taking over), he will inadvertently  bring about the demise of humanity.  Human beings are responsible for all of the destruction therefor in order for the AI to save the planet, it must remove it’s biggest threat…mankind.

Roko shares his fear with his best friend, setting off a horrific chain of events!

My thoughts…

Like I said, this is smart science fiction at its finest.  All the more terrifying in its realism.  It’s clear, that enormous amounts of research has gone into this brilliant piece of fiction.  The writing is fantastic and the pace is fast and exciting.

Before I knew it, I had reached the end! Actually feeling a little bereft that it was over. Thankfully the second installment is due to be released and I have it on good authority that Mr. Blackbourn is working on a third. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

If Stephen King can turn short stories into gold, then I see no reason why Michael Blackbourn can’t.  Seriously I can’t rave about it enough!  The only negative?  It’s not a full length novel, but if you are patient, can wait for Roko’s Labyrinth and the 3rd installment…You can read them together and pretend!


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