Movie Review 

Cell- Stephen King- John Cusack

What should have been a trifecta of my favourite things, turned out be a confusing head scratcher!

Seriously though… Stephen King + John Cusack + Apocalypse, should equal an amazing movie!  There were some enjoyable parts and the concept was cool, but ultimately I was left

What it’s about…

Based on  Stephen King’s novel of the same name, Cell is about a terrifying techno – virus transmitted via cell phones, turning people into violent, zombie – like monsters.

John Cusack plays Clay Riddle, a New England artist who witnesses a terrifying phenomenon.  A mysterious signal is broadcasted through global cell phone networks and turns the majority of humanity into mindless savages.  Clay, along with a few survivors must find the origin of the pulse and his young son before it’s too late.

What I thought…

Like I  mentioned before, this movie should have become my new favourite horror!  At the very least, it should have been fantastic.

Alas, despite having one of my favourite actors star alongside Samuel L. Jackson in a Stephen King movie (favourite author) this movie was bizarre and not in a good way.

The concept is fantastic!  Never have human beings been so dependant on technology, especially their cell phones. The idea of someone or something using this against us is not that farfetched. However, the execution was a mess, so I fear the terrifying message was lost.

Great beginning, okay middle and a terrible, confusing ending!  Just proves that you can have all the right ingredients but still have your finished product fall flat.


Rating… C-


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