Silver Dreamer by Caron Rider

Book Review 

Silver Dreamer by Caron Rider - Reads & Reels

Diana and the rest of the Warriors are back to fight an ancient evil! 

After eradicating a nest of demons in New York, Diana, Maggie, Sam and the Warriors of the Light, discover that the Pope has been murdered.  Their enemy Asmodeus, an ancient and particularly evil demon is at the Vatican and they finally have a chance to catch him.  Unfortunately things don’t go as well as they’d hoped and when Asmodeus flees, the chase is on.  From New York to Rome to San Francisco, the hunt continues for Diana and her friends.  They are after the most dangerous demon on Earth  and Diana is falling in love with the oldest. 

In the third installment of this exciting series, the timeless battle of Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark rages on.  This time Diana hopes to survive and live her life with her true love, though the odds are stacked heavily against her.

My thoughts…

It’s hard to talk about Silver Dreamer without including the other books in the Silver Series.  Please forgive me if I talk about all three in my excitement over the thrilling finale!

First thing I have to mention is that I really love how the author has incorporated historical fiction.  For me, the best part of Silver Dreamer and the rest of the trilogy, was her clever way of explaining the origin of many famous historical figures and events.  This series is about Diana repeatedly being reincarnated many times over and she has been some very famous people.  Of course she isn’t the only one and you will love reading about the other warriors’ past lives.

Silver Dreamer picked up exactly where the second book left off so it was non-stop action from page one, which made for a very exciting read.  As with the others, Silver Dreamer was very well written, thoroughly researched and exciting to read.

Like other popular YA series’, I  find the writing often improves as the story develops.  The author becomes more and more attached to their characters and every nuance of the story becomes lovingly personal.  Silver Dreamer was no exception.

Lastly the ending was perfectly satisfying.  All of my questions were answered, my curiosity sated and yet there was just a hint that this may not be the last we hear from Diana and her friends.

Rating… B+ 

Hey guys, guess what?  If you want to read this awesome series (I know you do) Caron is offering the first installment, Silver Knight, FREE  Here or on her website!


Caron Rider



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