The Shallows

Movie Review 

The Shallows- Movie Review -Reads & Reels

I love sharks and I love creature features!  Put these two things together and I’m a happy girl! (No Spoilers)

The Shallows starring Blake Lively, is out just in time for Shark Week and it was pretty good!

What it’s about…

Still grieving from the loss of her mother, medical student Nancy Adams travels to a secluded beach for some much-needed solitude.  Despite the dangers of surfing alone, Nancy decides to hit the waves anyway.

Suddenly she is attacked by a Great White shark, forcing her to swim to a cluster of rocks for safety.

Left stranded 200 yards from shore, Nancy has to fight for her life as the deadly predator circles her.

So, how was it?

I  really enjoyed it.  Blake Lively did a pretty solid job considering she is alone with only a Great White for company.

What also made it great was how realistic it was. The only thing you feel like screaming at the screen is “You never surf alone!” The rest is a fairly accurate portrayal of what would happen if you inadvertently swam into a sharks feeding ground.

What is refreshingly different is how resourceful Blake’s character is (seeing as she is a med student), unlike movies like Deep Water, she does not just try to out-swim a shark…let’s be honest folks, no one is out – swimming a Great White shark.  There is a reason why it’s flawless design has not evolved in millions of years. (Ha! See total shark nerd).

All in all, I  would say this is a pretty good flick and if you like sharks as much as I do, you’ll enjoy it.  Only downside was a short running time.  Just 87 minutes.

Rating… B



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