Hellion by Rosalie Stanton

Book Review 


Well written, exciting and hot as Hell! Pun intended.

(Warning: Both book and review contain mature language and content)

“An angel without a cause.  A demon without a clue.” –Rosalie Stanton

So romance novels are typically not my thing but every now and then one comes along that blows me away! Hellion, the paranormal, erotic-romance by Rosalie Stanton, is one of these books.

The Story

Sera (Seraphina) finds Heaven incredibly boring if you happen to be on the payroll, so she is always looking for an excuse to get away.  When a job opens to keep watch over an orphaned son of a King of  Hell, she jumps at the opportunity.  The assignment is simple: Befriend and protect Colin until he comes of age.

Colin knows his best friend Sera is a bit of an odd-ball, it’s one of the many reasons he loves her.  When she comes clean about the real reason she’s on Earth, he tries to play along.  In fact he thinks it’s hilarious until he finds out it’s true.

If there were ever a pair of ill-fated lovers, it’s definitely Sera and Colin!  Heaven and Hell is literally trying to keep them apart, but they will stop at nothing to be together.

My Thoughts 

I was completely hooked by the first chapter, read the entire novel in one day because I just couldn’t put it down.

The concept was new, fun and don’t even get me started on the dialogue… HILARIOUS!  The exchanges between characters are humorous, sarcastic and at times raunchy.  I loved it.  The tone of the novel as a whole, was a bit irreverent and that made a refreshing change from typical romances.

As always I try to keep my reviews spoiler free but it’s really difficult with this one because I could go on about it for ages. Let’s just say that Hellion was a witty and sexy good time.

Speaking of sexy or rather sex scenes… I know you’re wondering 😉 Hellion’s loves scenes are arousing, raw and bold.  Rosalie doesn’t use pretty euphemisms.  Pardon the language, but it’s fucking not making love!  Another reason why I  enjoyed her book.  Despite the characters being of the paranormal persuasion, the sex scenes are realistic. You will not find a heaving bosom anywhere on these pages.

Colin captured her lower lip between his teeth and tugged as his hands settled beneath her beasts.  She gasped and wiggled, pressing herself closer, and he took the invitation to flick his thumbs over her pebbled nipple.  She shuddered hard, a soft sexy-as-fuck mewl peeling off her lips and going straight to his cock.” – Hellion

Wow! That’s some cold shower material right there! What was I saying?  Oh right, Hellion is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone like me, who appreciates good writing, sarcasm, cursing and the paranormal.

Rating… A



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