Her True Name

Book Review 

Her True Name -Review by Reads & Reels

Her True Name, by Ryan Elainska is an exciting collection of short stories.  Well written, imaginative and addictive! 

“She doesn’t have a name, because she never keeps one for very long.  You’ve seen her face a thousand times, but it always wears a different mask.  Her exploits are legendary,  but no one has ever heard of her.  She tries to be like everyone else,  but finds she can only ever be herself,  over and over again.” – Her True Name

She Chooses Death, is part one in a series of installments about an unnamed immortal woman who has been the hero of all of our myths and legends. 

Igniting a Revolution 

Our hero hides her preternatural skills under the clothes of a peasant.  She wears a dead stag for armor and conceals her gender in order to gain entry into this “false” king’s dining room.

Unfortunately one of the three guards has a keener eye and a sharper mind, so bloodshed inevitably follows.

Without breaking a sweat, she dispatches all three men and makes her way inside.

To prove a point she throws down a revolting gift to this usurper and with a rousing speech, sparks a revolution.

My Thoughts 

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this type of fantasy.  What I am a fan of however, is good writing and a creative plot.

I read several stories or installments of Her True Name and a few constants remain.  Great writing, brilliantly choreographed fight scenes and a good hook.  The hook is crucial if you want readers to continue to visit your site to find out what happens next.

The concept of an immortal woman being the real “person” behind the legends we know and love is very refreshing.  Naturally as a female reader, I appreciate having a woman be the hero and in general, it’s great to read revamped versions of history.

Like I said, I don’t typically read this genre but I stepped out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I did.

Rating… B

Soon Her True Name  will be sold as a volume of short stories.  Right now you can read them on Ryan’s website above.  Did I mention that right now this exciting collection is free?  Yes you read correctly!  Enjoy!


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