Under The Bed Vol.4: Shout at the Devil by Theresa Braun

Book Review

Under the Bed Magazine volume 4. No. 8 Shout to the Devil by Theresa Braun

Good old-fashioned ghost story by Theresa Braun, reminds me why I love Horror!

When given the opportunity to review something a little different, I jump at the chance!  I figure if I’m excited about it then I hope my readers will be too.  Under the Bed is a fun horror publication that is released monthly and features little gems like Theresa’s Shout at the Devil.

What it’s about…

It’s a tale as old as time, but no it’s not Beauty and the Beast.  Mark, a teen-aged boy with a penchant for heavy metal and Stephen King, is forced to move into a creepy old house with his parents and little sister.

Of course the house is massive and under-priced, and for some unknown reason has stood vacant for the last five years.  Cue ominous music now.  Strange things start happening on day one in the new house but of course the family has sunk all of their money into this home and can’t afford to move.

My thoughts…

I loved it!  It really is a great and traditional haunted house story that makes you want to sleep with a night-light.  I love the nod to many Stephen King favourites and the sleazy realtor that sells this house to the poor, unsuspecting family, knowing full well that the house has a “history”.

This was a great short story.  It was creepy, fun and it made me long for the good old days of horror.

Rating… B+



Under The Bed Magazine

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