Arctic Dawn by Karissa Laurel

Book Review

Arctic Dawn- The Norse Chronicles- Karissa Laurel- Book Review by Reads & Reels

I didn’t think it was possible, but I love Arctic Dawn even more than the first book in the series!

I had the privilege of reviewing Midnight Burning for my mistress site Booknista and I really liked it. When the opportunity to review Arctic Dawn came around, I was really excited to pick up where I left off.

The Story…

Arctic Dawn, book #2 in Karissa Laurel’s series, The Norse Chronicles, picks up exactly where the first book ended.  After going supernova, Solina Mundy seems to wink out of existence for nearly a month.  When she does surface, she purposely falls off the grid, hiding out in southern California.  There she slowly recuperate, assumes a new identity and plots out a survival strategy.

She does her best to make Alaska and everything it represents, a distant memory.  The one person she wishes she could talk to, is her friend Skyla and she has been missing since that fateful night.

The arrival of a threatening stranger and the discovery of a powerful weapon, forces Solina out of hiding.  She is forced to reach out to allies best forgotten, because without them, she knows she won’t survive on her own.  The legendary weapon must be found before it is used to burn the world to ash.

Arctic Dawn by Karissa Laurel- Sutr- Book Review by Reads & Reels

What I Thought…

WOW!  Simply put… Amazing!  I loved Arctic Dawn.  The writing, story, character progression, everything.  As I previously mentioned, I really liked Midnight Burning but this one sealed the deal for me.  I’m hooked now, so like everyone else I will have to go through the agonizing wait time for the third installment.

I think it is natural that the writing would improve as the series progresses.  Perhaps the writer holds back just a little, either intentionally for dramatic effect or maybe just jitters.  Karissa did not hold back on us and as a result Arctic Dawn was exciting, sexy and intense.

I still love the original idea, having her story revolve around Norse mythology.  I like the characters, even the baddies and I love that there is a hint of romance in the background, but it’s subtle.

Honestly I don’t have a single complaint about this book, or the series as a whole.  It is engaging, well written and extremely entertaining!  Well done Karissa, and please don’t make us wait too long for the next one!


Rating… A


Chapters/ Kobo Edition



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