Beyond the Veil by Jessica Majzner

Book Review

 Beyond the Veil by Jessica Majzner -Book Review by R

Paranormal fans rejoice!  An amazing tale about vampires and werewolves that isn’t merely a backdrop for cheesy romance! 

There is not a single sparkling vampire in Beyond the Veil, I promise!  Jessica Majzner pens a traditional tale that does not need a love story to move the plot along.

The Story…

Natalya, a vampire huntress, finds her beloved mentor dead and she is determined to kill the vampire responsible.  Unfortunately for her, the trail leads into Claw Haven, home to an ancient werewolf clan.  The humans and wolves have had a shaky truce since a deady war ravaged both sides ages ago.  It is forbidden to cross the border. Following the vampire into Claw Haven would be sacrilegious. Alas it is her sworn duty and this time it’s personal!

There she meets Voren, a werewolf who is living proof that everything she has been led to believe about werewolves, is a lie.  Turns out the fate of the pack, along with herself and Voren’s, is entwined with that of a Dracula-like vampire named Arkadith.  Defeating him may be the only thing that will bring an end to the new war between Natalya’s people and the wolves of Claw Haven.

My Thoughts…

Inspired!  Beyond the Veil by Jessica Majzner, is a beautifully written, traditional tale that will make vampire and werewolf purists alike, howl with joy. (Sorry couldn’t help myself) When I first started reading it, I immediately thought… paranormal romance, but I was wrong.  There is no romance.  Mutual respect and empathy between characters, but no love story.  That in itself was refreshing.

The protagonist Natalya is brave and stoic.  A strong hero that holds her own amongst her male counterparts.  Truly a fantastic model of strength.  Even when her worst nightmare befalls her, she picks herself up and uses her burden to fuel her mission.  She is a very likable character.

As I mentioned, the writing is beautiful, and every scene is described in such vivid detail, you can put yourself right there alongside the main characters.  I took my time with this one and as one of those previously mentioned purists, I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful story.  I would recommend Beyond the Veil to anyone who has grown weary of the vampire/ genre.  It will renew your love for the monsters that have been used to ‘death’.


Rating… A




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