The Rule of Seven by John F. Tuckerman 

Book Review 

Rule of Seven by John F. Tuckerman - Book Review by Reads & Reels

Incredibly funny and smart! Loved reading about dating from the male perspective!

I loved this book! Well written, witty, and very smart.  Books on dating are a dime a dozen but Rule of Seven, by John. F. Tuckerman stood well apart from the rest!

What it’s about…

What do you do when you have been jaded by love and wonder if you will ever find it again?  You date seven people, stay in touch with everyone and then pick the best out of the bunch.  Well at least this is what a street psychologist, straight out of a peanut’s comic strip, recommends.  Sophia provides Owen with a strategy that is mathematically and evolutionarily tested.  Her Rule of Seven has been guiding  creatures in their search for a suitable mate for millions of years.

With the help of his three skeptical friends, Owen sets out on his quest.  He soon learns that, while this strategy works well for lower organisms, when applied to the human brain, there are complications.  The choice of our conscious mind is often at odds with our unconscious desires.

To find true love, Owen, with the guidance of Sophia and her bag of tricks, will have to work his way through the mess that our complicated ape brains have created of the ancient evolutionary mating dance.

“Rule of Seven blends comic book wisdom and evolutionary psychology into a story of one man’s quest for love in the modern world.” – Rule of Seven

My thoughts…

A truly original story with a few twists that I definitely wasn’t prepared for.  The writing was fantastic and the characters were delightful.  The tone of the story was almost Shakespearian in nature (comedy not tragedy) and I really enjoyed it.

I look forward to reading more from Mr. Tuckerman and I highly recommend this one!


Rating… A



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