Independence Day: Resurgence

Movie Review

Independence Day 2: Resurgence-Movie Revie-Reads&Reels

Independence Day 2: Resurgence, was a decent sequel with medium cheese factor! (NO SPOILERS)

Seeing as it has been a million years since Will Smith kicked alien ass and Bill Pullman gave that heart-swelling speech, one would think that a sequel wasn’t in the cards.  Well since everything is getting a reboot (God I hate that word), why not attempt a sequel decades later?  Well they did and you know…  it wasn’t that bad.

Plot Synopsis

Two decades after a hostile alien invasion nearly destroyed mankind, a new threat emerges that is infinitely more deadly than the first.  With the knowledge gained from the last invasion, the world now has an elite space defence system.  Let’s hope it’s enough because this time, it really is humanity’s last stand.


Independence Day 2: Resurgence-cast

Everyone who survived in the first movie, with the exception of one key character.  I guess Will Smith was too busy to play a part in the franchise that helped make him a star.  Sheesh! Even the alien returned!  Additionally they added some new faces like Liam Hemsworth because, every movie like this needs a hot American hero.  Shhh we’ll just pretend he’s not Australian 😉

My Thoughts…

All joking aside, I enjoyed it.  The formula is there, so you will laugh at the right parts, feel patriotic at the right parts and of course have all the “feels”.  As it has been decades, the special effects have vastly improved, and the level of action does surpass its predecessor.

The best part of the movie?  Dave Spiner’s role as Spinner.  Incredible and I thought he died in the first one.  Also the movie would not be complete if Bill Pullman hadn’t delivered another speech as President Whitmore.

Enjoy it for what it is folks and you won’t be disappointed.


Rating… B-


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