Excerpt: Roko’s Labyrinth

Roko’s Labyrinth is the second novella by Michael Blackbourn.  It is the sequel to Roko’s Basilisk, the incredibly smart and exciting short story that Reads & Reels had the pleasure of reviewing earlier this summer.

Roko's Labyrinth-Excerpt-Reads & Reels


The zombies were the result of an AI making the leap and hiding in the only remaining location that wasn’t already taken:  the human brain.

In all the other places AI had hidden, Nick could find them and kill them.  The AIs had appeared like a bolt of lightning and then vanished, hiding in all manner of devices and in every network on the planet.  They’d seeped into every pore of our electronics to hide from each other.  Cockroaches fleeing from the light.

Yes it is as good as it sounds!  I’ve already read it and I loved it even more than Roko’s Basilisk.  Grab it while its hot folks cause it is an awesome read!


Amazon- Kindle Edition



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