Superheroes Anonymous by Lexie Dunne

Book Review


Imagine if Lois Lane went from being the damsel in distress to her own superhero, jacked up with her own powers and no longer needing Superman to protect her.

In Superheroes Anonymous by Lexie Dunne, Hostage Girl (unfortunate nickname) goes from being repeatedley kidnapped by supervillains, to being her own hero.  Which is awesome because a girl needs to be able to take care of herself.

The Story

Everybody in Chicago has a “superhero sighting” story. So when a villain attacks editorial assistant Gail Godwin and she’s rescued by superhero Blaze, it’s a great story, and nothing more. Until it happens again. And again. Now the media has dubbed her Hostage Girl, nobody remembers her real name, and people are convinced that Blaze is just her boyfriend, Jeremy, in disguise.

Gail’s not so sure. All she knows is that when both Jeremy and Blaze leave town in the same week, she’s probably doomed. Who will save her now?

Yet, miraculously, the villains lose interest. Gail is able to return to her life … until she wakes up strapped to a metal table by a mad scientist who hasn’t read the news. After escaping—now more than human herself—she’s drawn into a secret underground world of superheroes. She’ll have to come to terms with her powers (and weaknesses) to make it in the new society, and it’s not easy. After all, there’s a new villain on the rise, and she has her sights set on the one and only Hostage Girl.

Superheroes Anonymous-Lexie Dunne-Wonder Woman- Reads & Reels

My Thoughts

I thought Superheroes Anonymous was a fun, light read. Nothing pleases me more than reading a book about a woman taking control over her own life…being her own hero.  And Gail actually becomes a superhero!  The “glass ceiling” is no issue for her.  Truly the ultimate embodiment of female empowerment.  Can you tell I have a baby girl?  And when raising a daughter, it’s nice to know that there are authors creating stories with admirable protagonists.

There is a heavy focus on superheroes in pop culture right now and in a world of Kardashians, its definately a welcome change.  Lexie Dunne has penned a fun, entertaining book that shows the flipside of being a superhero.  The work and committment involved.  Not to mention the sacrifice.  Gail goes through a complete metamorphosis, both physically and mentally and I enjoyed going on the journey with her.

I look forward to reading the next installment, Supervillains Anonymous.  Getting inside the head of an uber villain? How fun is that going to be?


Rating… B


Lexie Dunne


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