Mirror Mirror

Book Review 

 Mirror Mirror - Anthony M. Strong - Book Review -Read

Mirror Mirror is a “hauntingly” good novella by Anthony M. Strong.  It will make you think twice before going antiquing!

Though it is only 54 pages, this creepy little tale of ghostly goodness will give you goosebumps long after you’ve finished reading it.

The Story

Jaime thought he’d hit the jackpot when he found the antique mirror out by the curb, just waiting for a new home.  Hours later the old mirror with the ornate gold frame is taking   pride of place in his apartment.

But there’s something wrong. The mirror harbors a dark secret.  Before long, Jaime finds himself up against a terrifying supernatural force that has its sights set on him.

Mirror Mirror-Anthony M. Strong-Reads & Reels-Scared Sponge Bob

Ooh!  Sounds spooky doesn’t it?

I love stories like this.  Forget slasher flicks or gory books about serial killers.  Nothing is more frightening than a story about ghosts, possession, or hauntings.  They play with your head and scare you in a more primal way.  What is more terrifying than that which we don’t understand?

Mirror Mirror is scary and timeless.  You know when Jaime picks up that old mirror and brings it home, that something isn’t right about it and yet the development of the story, and ultimately the big “reveal” still reels you in and freaks you out because it is so well written.  The author does a fantastic job with a classic genre.  Despite its predictability, you will still be spooked and that is how you know Anthony M. Strong knows what he’s doing.

He’s new to me and I can’t wait to read more from him!

Bonus… Mirror Mirror is FREE right now!


Rating… A




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