Why is Hollywood’s Train Of Thought Lacking Passengers?

Hollywood is seriously lacking imagination these days! Just hearing the word “reboot” makes me cringe.

I don’t do opinion pieces very often but in this case, I just can’t contain myself. I scroll though social media every morning and there is a reoccurring theme. REBOOTS! God even the word irks me. In my day it used to be called a remake but I guess that isn’t catchy enough. 

Finding a great movie that is the brainchild of a talented writer, is becoming increasingly rare in the last few years. Why make something new when we can shove regurgitated crap down the screeching gullets of the masses? Let’s make money off of the genius of others, simply add new special effects, and the flavour of the week. Instant money-maker!


Seriously, nothing is safe. They “rebooted” Ben-Hur for crying out loud! I am a child of the 80’s and in my opinion, this glorious decade spawned some of the most epic movies (E.T.LabyrinthThe Goonies) and all my childhood favourites are being remade. This does not make me happy. I have fond memories of these movies for a reason and they’re not all nostalgic. I love these movies because they are good! possessing masterful special effects, brilliant acting, and imagination. I get that they are all out-dated now but that is why they are called classics. David Bowie is not even cold (RIP) and though I am sure he approved it, there is a Labyrinth reboot in the works. Labyrinth IS David Bowie!

Here is a sample of all the reboots (Ugh) we get to look forward to, not counting the ones that have already come out.

Big Trouble Little China


The Blob


Ocean’s Eleven (A remake of a remake of a remake)


Stephen King’s It

You know, just to name a few. We’ve already seen many such as The Legend of Tarzan, Ghostbusters, Pete’s Dragon and BFG, just in the last year. It seems there is no end in sight. If it is not being made into a movie then it will surely be made into a TV series.  Objectively speaking, I know some of these films have been very good, but that isn’t my point. I fear that when it comes to movies, music, whatever… We are incapable of an original idea. That my friends, is a terrifying thought in deed! Sorry for the rant but classics are classic for a reason.









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