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A year late on this one… But wow, what a spectacular film! Totally worth the wait!

The Martian is a movie that I had been dying to see, but for whatever reason something always came up. Well last night, I had a quiet evening to myself and the use of the big TV in the living room. Something that only happens when the stars align.

Now available on Netflix, I knew this was my opportunity to finally see this critically acclaimed film, so I settled in for my doomed Mars expedition alongside Mark Watney.

The Martian: 2015

Starring: Matt DamonJessica Chastain and Jeff Daniels.

Director: Ridley Scott

What it’s about…

A lone astronaut called Mark Watney, is left alone on a hostile planet. When his crew assumes he is dead, they are forced to abandon him during an exploratory mission gone awry. Watney must rely on his ingenuity to survive on Mars while NASA attempts to figure out a way to bring the lost astronaut home.

The film is based on the book The Martian by author Andy Weir.

My thoughts…

Better late than never? I am presently kicking myself for having not watched The Martian sooner. In my defense, I didn’t know what I was missing. Also as general rule, I try to read the book before seeing the adaptation and I never got around to it.

Okay enough excuses. I loved it! The Martian is a feast for your eyes and your mind! Visually the movie is just stunning. The vista’s of Mars, are so strikingly beautiful that for a moment you can forget that everything about it will kill you. We have come a very long way in terms of special effects and The Martian is a cinematic celebration of what we have achieved. Especially in science fiction.


Some people have called this movie Matt Damon’s “Cast Away” but honestly I don’t think there is any comparison. Don’t get me wrong, Tom Hanks is wonderful, but Matt Damon is awesome. He’s funny, self-deprecating, and totally engaging. The rest of the cast is wonderful and plays each role to a tee. Particularly Jessica Chastain. She’s just fabulous. One thing I found a bit odd, was the casting of Kristen Wiig as the PR director for NASA. I guess it was an attempt on her part, at a serious role but like most comedic actors, I kept expecting her to make jokes. I just found it a little weird.

Honestly there isn’t much I can complain about. I was riveted, there was a ton of action, I learned a few things and as I said before, The Martian is stunning to watch. I guess it’s time to read the book. Hmm, I wonder if this will be one of those rare times when the movie is better than the book?


Rating… A+




4 thoughts on “The Martian

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  2. I personally found the book far better than the movie. The movie really dumbed down the thing that made the book so fascinating: science.
    When you read the book first, you see just how much the movie got wrong (science-wise).


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