Pleasure Before Business By Scarlett Knight

Book Review

Pleasure Before Business-Scarlett Knight-Book Review-Reads & Reels

Reads & Reels is lucky to review not one, but two books from Scarlett Knight, author of straight and LGBT erotic romance, paranormal,science fiction and contemporary romance and fiction. (Talented and busy!)

This week, I’m going to review her erotic sci-fi short, Pleasure Before Business. This saucy little number will get you hot and bothered but it also happens to be very well written. Yes you can have both.

The Story

Allie risks getting arrested as she sneaks onto millionaire inventor Quinn Buchanan’s estate to take back an item that rightfully belongs to her. She doesn’t realize that someone has tipped Quinn off to her plans, and he has a few plans of his own. The two of them have a history that must be addressed, whether Allie is ready to or not.

Pleasure Before Business- Scarlett Knight

My Thoughts

Wow! Hot with a capital ‘H’, but not only that, it’s fun and creative. Taking place in a futuristic setting, Scarlett adds fantastic details to the story that makes it more than just a sexy story. I would hate to give anything away but pay attention to the setting, costumes and background information. It all adds an interesting dimension to this erotic tale.

Though short (22pgs), I really enjoyed it. Pleasure Before Business is toe curling, entertaining and fun. One thing that I feel worth mentioning, is the unexpected theme… Love. Yes take away the intensity, passion and sex, it is a love story. Very nice surprise.

Read it alone or aloud with a partner. You will love it!

Rating… A


Cobblestone Press

So as I mentioned this is part 1 of 2. Check back next week when Reads & Reels reviews Scarlett’s new contemporary novel, The Art House. We’ll also have the pleasure of welcoming Scarlett Knight herself, for a fun Q&A! 


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