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Since I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, I am always interested in unique retellings. Chasing Rabbits by Erin Bedford, is book #1 in The Underground series and wow is it ever fun!

Warning: For mature readers! 

Get ready to throw yourself down the rabbit hole and hold on for a crazy ride!

Alice was wrong – Wonderland wasn’t so wonderful after all.

Kat never expected to be back in her hometown, but when house sitting turns into a mad rabbit chase, Kat finds herself with a whole new set of problems.

A two-headed bird with a Game of Thrones obsession, a party full of tea addicts, and a Cheshire Cat who could seduce the pants off her grandma? And if the citizens weren’t bad enough their prince was off his rocker.

This wasn’t your run of the mill Wonderland. This was the Fae world, where rules are rules, and some things are exactly as they seem. –Amazon

I am having so much fun with this one guys! It’s crazy, bold and a whole lot of fun. Chasing Rabbits is loaded with vivid imagery and outlandish characters. The writing is fantastic and it is a brilliant merge of the Fae and Wonderland worlds. When you think about it, re-imagining Wonderland as realms of the Seelie and Unseelie, make a whole lot of sense.

I can’t wait to read the second installment Chasing Cats and if it’s as thrilling and sexy as the first book, I’m pre-ordering the final book in the trilogy right away!


Erin Bedford

Chasing Cats

Chasing Cats-The Underground Series-Erin Bedford


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