Chatting with Scarlett Knight

After reading not one, but two stories from this incredibly talented writer, I just had to pick her brain a little bit more. 

Lucky for me she was happy to oblige. Scarlett Knight is a modern-day renaissance woman. She is multi-faceted and has many passions and hobbies, not limited to being a kick-ass writer.

Scarlett Knight is an equal rights advocate, an environmentalist, a dreamer, an adventurer, an avid reader, a movie buff, an art lover, and an author. She got her literary start by publishing erotic short stories through various small presses and on a number of websites. Over time, she found herself compelled to write about more than just sex. She now also uses her writing as a vehicle to explore the more complex mental and emotional aspects of love, both romantic and platonic, straight and LGBT, in contemporary and futuristic/paranormal settings. Self-discovery is one of the major themes in her newest contemporary novel, THE ART HOUSE(Dark Hollows Press, 2016), which is currently an “Honorable Mention” contestant in the 2016 Rainbow Awards. Readers have hailed THE ART HOUSE as “steamy,” “refreshing,” and “profound.” Scarlett Knight’s books are available in multiple e-book formats. She lives in the Dallas Metroplex.-Scarlett Knight


Q & A with Scarlett

What was your inspiration for The Art House?

– Originally the idea was for a novella with a slightly different outcome, but as stories sometimes do, it morphed and took on a different kind of life and became the novel that you read. I wanted to write a story about someone who is reborn, who rediscovers old passions, deals with her demons, comes alive sexually, and reconnects with the arts. I liked the idea of a typical workaholic who had lost touch with her needs and desires but who has her eyes opened at this almost magical mansion where she’s cut off from the rat race of life. I had a lot of fun writing it.

Which genre is your favourite to write? Which is your favourite to read?

– I love writing romance of course and erotica can be fun, but I also enjoy writing futuristic stories and general fiction. As for what I like to read, I read just about any genre! Mystery, horror, literary fiction, YA, you name it. I can get into any book as long as it’s done well, especially books that have strong, well-developed characters.

Aside from writing, what else are you truly passionate about?

– I used to be a theatre major before I switched to English, so I love that as well as film. I also dabble in electronic music, and I’m a big proponent for LGBT rights and minority rights, rights of women, etc. Basically human rights!

If you could be a fictional character who would you be? Any time period?

– I would love to be Pandora from Anne Rice’s vampire series. She is so awesome.

What’s your poison? Wine or beer?

– Ah, I love a crisp white wine. But I can also kick back a good dark stout when the mood strikes. 😉


I told you this was one cool chick! I had such a blast working with her and I am telling you, read some of her stuff! You will not be disappointed! Don’t forget to check out my reviews for The Art House and Pleasure Before Business.


Scarlett Knight



7 thoughts on “Chatting with Scarlett Knight

  1. Great interview with one of my favorite writers. I admire Scarlett for many reasons, not the least of which is her advocacy for equal rights. Having read ‘The Art House’, I can also attest to her talent, her innate ability to tap into her characters’ emotions and bring you along for the ride.

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