The Art House By Scarlett Knight

Book Review

The Art House-Scarlett Knight-Book Review-Reads & Reels

As promised, Reads & Reels is back with Author Scarlett Knight and a review of her fabulous new novel called The Art House.

I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again. I’m not the biggest fan of romance unless it is part if the story of another genre. That said, every now and then, a special book will cross my path and completely captivate me. The Art House is one of those special books.

The Story…

Granted the opportunity to model for world-famous yet reclusive artist Edgar, journalist Janelle Ryan thinks she’s finally landed the story of her career. What she doesn’t realize is that by staying at Edgar’s famous “Art House,” her focus shifts from the news story to experiencing an unexpected personal awakening of her mind, body, and soul.

As a consequence, painful emotions she’s been repressing for years begin to reemerge. Facing her demons head on, she realizes what is most important to her – how to forgive, and most importantly, how to love again.


My Thoughts…

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The Art House is a fabulous contemporary romance that is more than a romance. So much more. It evokes tremendous feeling and self-evaluation. I love a book that makes me step back and look at my own life. It really takes a powerful story-teller to create that kind of magic and Scarlett not only writes beautifully, but like an enchantress, she can weave a tale strong enough to inspire great magic.

One of the reasons why I dislike typical romance novels is that they are almost alway cheesy and cliché riddled. They lack the realism of real life and real life problems, and though I’m obsessed with fantasy and science fiction (I know, big hypocrite) I need some realism to connect with the characters. The Art House has the perfect balance of harsh reality and whimsy that I enjoy.

The characters are real and raw. They have flaws and problems anyone can relate to. No, most of us will not be whisked away to a beautiful mansion in order to find our true selves, but that’s the whimsical part of The Art House. The characters are real but the setting is magical.

Is it sexy? You bet it its! There are many parts that will leave you hot and bothered. Part of the protagonist’s journey involves steamy affairs and it will stir up all kinds of feelings. There is also friendship, love and self-reflection.

I really have no complaints. I would happily recommend The Art House to anyone, not just romance fans. It’s well written, exciting, provocative and I truly enjoyed it.

Rating… A


Scarlett Knight


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