Excerpt: Initation (Book 1) The School of Exorcists

Initiation-School of Exorcists-K.E. O'Connor

Initiation is book #1 of The School of Exorcists series and it’s a fun blend of paranormal goodness and magic. Think Hogwarts for necromancers!

Ruby Carmichael is your typical teenage girl, trying to ignore the unusual fact she sees ghosts. After she almost kills someone, she discovers she isn’t so typical and has abilities and responsibilities she’s never dreamed of.
After almost ending the life of her school crush at a dance, Ruby is humiliated and confused. She isn’t prepared for the revelation that she’s fated to join the School of Exorcists, a mysterious school that trains young Senders in the art of crossing over the undead and protecting the world from dark magic forces.

In this fast paced teen and YA paranormal romance and adventure series, Ruby meets Andreas, an undead member of the School, who introduces her to the weird and magically freaky world of the School of Exorcists.


A long arm appeared from the black hole. It latched onto the side of the wall and pulled through the rest of its body. I sat frozen in my seat. The arm was too long to be human; it was just bone with flesh covering. Whatever was coming through the hole was not something I intended to meet.

I stuffed my books into my bag and bashed my knee on the edge of the desk in my haste to get out. “Got to go Sir. Not feeling well. I put my hand over my mouth and made a few retching sounds, running from the room as I did so.

After a few seconds, I peered back into the room and watched the spindly, pale creature that had emerged from the hole. It scouted the room, dipping its head at each person. No one responded.

Its gaze turned in my direction, and its mouth pulled into a strange smile, revealing jagged looking teeth. It raised one arm in a languid wave.–Pg. 12 to 13 Initiation

Initiation is a great read and the rest of the series is looking very promising. There are 6 books in total and I am well into book #2 Revelations. I have loads of reading to do!



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