Hotel Transylvania 2

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Hotel Transylvania 2-Review-Reads & Reels

Yes little Mavis is all grown up with a family of her own, in Transylvania 2.

I know, I know this movie has been out for eons but I’ve only just seen it recently. My little one found Hotel Transylvania too “scary” so the sequel went to the bottom of the list. Well I finally got to see it and though it wasn’t as good as the original, it was still pretty funny.

Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel owner Dracula is concerned that his half-human grandson Dennis isn’t embracing his vampire heritage. He and his fellow ghouls put Dennis through a “monster-in-training” boot camp, but their efforts are complicated by the arrival of Dracula’s dad, a traditionalist vampire named Vlad.

Starring: Adam SandlerAndy SambergSelena Gomez and Mel Brooks

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Running Time: 89 Min.

Rated PG

How was it?

It was cute. Hotel Transylvania 2 still has the charm and appeal of the original, however it doesn’t quite have the same sparkle (vampires, sparkle? Ha ha) its predecessor possessed. Likely because we’ve seen it already. That said, it’s still very funny and entertaining.

Adam Sandler’s “Drac” is still dry, over-protective and sarcastic–Having the same chemistry with his Monster Squad that made the original so enjoyable. Mel Brooks as “Vlad” is a great addition to the cast and I absolutely love how Johnny’s family interacts with their new in-laws.

The hotel now allows human guests which is still a huge adjustment for some of the monsters and that makes for a few laughs. Mavis is the up-tight over-protective parent this time around which is a nice spin. Honestly I really don’t have much to say about this movie (spoilers) other than it was cute, funny and enjoyable to watch. I am glad that I didn’t beat myself up over not seeing it sooner because I saved some cash by watching it at home on Netflix.

Hotel Transylvania 2 will be a great family friendly choice to watch at home with the kiddies after trick-or-treating. Not my Kiddie though, because it’s still too scary for her lol.


Rating… B

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