Revelations By K.E. O’Connor

Book Review

Revelations-The School Of Exorcists-Book Review

Revelations is the second installment in The School of Exorcists series, featuring lots of action, undead, romance, magic and mystery!

I am really enjoying this magical YA series. I likened the first book, Initiation to Hogwarts for necromancers and the theme is still going strong in Revelations. Ruby Carmichael is a strong heroine and her journey from odd-ball human to powerful spell castor has been really exciting thus far.


The School of Exorcists is growing on Ruby Carmichael. She’s in love and excels in her new classes and she has just turned seventeen, an important time for all magic users.

Yet false friendships and the temptation of dark magic threaten everything Ruby has grown to love and when she makes a mistake, it threatens her whole world.

A final tragedy hits and Ruby struggles to survive in the strange and magic laced world of The School of Exorcists.

Revelations-School Of Exorcists_Hogwarts

My Thoughts

Though I have made the comparison to Hogwarts, this is not Harry Potter. A magical school for young “Senders” a sort of blend of wizard and necromancer, and having robe-wearing professors is where the obvious similarities end.

There is a battle raging between the Senders and dark magic users and unfortunately the “dark side” is winning. Ruby has a lot on her young shoulders being the prophesied “Chosen One”– The one person who can turn the tides on this battle. In addition to this, she has fallen in love and we all know young love can be all-consuming. In Ruby’s case her love may actually be cursed, and could result in her and her paramour’s death. Oh yeah, and her super powerful and incredibly evil parents are trying to kill her. As if being a teen isn’t hard enough.

And yet, with help from her new friends, professors, and a very devoted Undead called Andreas, she manages to overcome obstacles thrown in her way. She becomes more powerful every day and starts to believe in her magic and herself. However, with stronger powers, comes the temptation to stray from her path. Perhaps she is like her biological parents after all?

Revelations much like the first book, is fun, whimsical and just a little bit scary. It is well-written and addictive. If this sounds like your cup of tea you can now purchase the entire series as a box set for a steal!


Rating… B



Box Set




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