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Emelie- Movie Review

After watching this, you will never want to leave your kids with a babysitter again!

Seriously, as a mother to a toddler, I have never been so grateful that there are no shortage of grandparents to watch her, should we need a sitter. This thriller is so scary because the reality is, this could happen…


When their regular babysitter can’t make it, two suburban parents hire her friend “Anna” (Sarah Bolger) to look after their three children while they enjoy a night out. But when Anna’s behavior becomes increasingly unhinged, eldest sibling Jacob (Joshua Rush) grows suspicious and discovers that she’s actually an imposter named Emelie who has sinister designs on the family’s youngest child.

Starring: Sarah Bolger and Joshua Rush

Director: Michael Thelin

Release Date: March 4 2016 (USA) Runtime: 80 min.

My Thoughts

First things first. This is a character driven film and the two characters that made this film were Sarah Bolger and Joshua Rush. For me, I would say that Joshua Rush made this film. That kid can act! Wow!

So the premise of the movie isn’t very original. There is even a genre called “Babysitter Thrillers” and we have all seen many flicks over the years that have similar storylines. Um The Hand That Rocks The Cradle anyone? But in this case Emelie isn’t trying to take over the family, just the adorably oblivious youngest son.

Sarah Bolger, is so young and innocent looking, you can almost believe parents would leave their children with someone they have never met before. If I wasn’t expecting a sinister plot, I would trust her too. Her sweet, lilting voice and meek demeanor when she meets the family is very convincing. However, once the parents leave for their long overdue dinner date, “Anna” starts to act increasingly odd. Having the children participate in twisted activities until eventually, the eldest son Jacob (Joshua Rush) starts to suspect that “Anna” isn’t acting the way a normal babysitter should.

I’m going to stop there for a moment because I feel like I should put some sort of disclaimer in. Yes twisted activities, but NO sexual abuse. I think it’s important to mention that because when someone recommended Emelie to me, I adamantly refused to watch if that were the case. Even an unbiased film critic has her line, and that’s mine.

Moving on–I liked the gritty quality that is common amongst the Indie set. It adds to the mood of the film. I found Emelie chilling and of course disturbing but, when you hear her story, you feel just a little for her. I can almost understand what drives her. ALMOST.

As I mentioned, the best part of the film for me, was Jacob. That said, I probably wouldn’t have gone out of my way to see it had I not been steered towards it. I would recommend Emelie to critical film lovers, not necessarily movie lovers. Without sounding pompous there is a difference, because Emelie is not something you would settle down with on a Friday night, popcorn in hand.

I am going to rate this a little differently.

Film Fest Rating… B

The Rest of Us Rating… C



One thought on “Emelie

  1. Anonymous

    100% agree the movie was all Sarah and Joshua.

    I recommend the movie, not for the movie itself, but for the great job those 2 actors did with the obvious limitations the movie had.

    Liked by 1 person

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