Seeking Samiel By Catherine Jordan

Book Review

Seeking Samiel-Catherine Jordan-Book Review-Reads & Reels

Seeking Samiel is the first book in a creepy series steeped in ancient myth, with its focus on the Original Evil.

“The Devil was cast from Heaven and landed on the African Continent.” –South African Proverb

What a perfect location for a story as old as time. A story about ancient evil on a continent shrouded in traditions, mythology and superstitions. Seeking Samiel is after all, a horror story of mythical proportions… Or truths, depending on what you believe.

Seeking Samiel

When night falls on South Africa, the anti-Christ rises as the seductive Eva van Hollinsworth.

Jeffrey, a wanton English solicitor living in South Africa, teeters on the edge of total loss; he will do anything to reverse his fortunes. When Jeffrey attends a party to rub elbows with an influential client—Eva van Hollinsworth, he experiences sinister forces drawing him into her demonic lifestyle. Eva is politically connected, wealthy, and worldly; she is the anti-Christ, and resides in a living, breathing home. Immortalized through reincarnation, Eva is Lilith seeking Samiel—Satan—awaiting his final order while ripening the world for conquest. Eva’s sinister forces—her servants, guests, and even her house—seduce Jeffery, who unwittingly becomes a pawn in Eva’s final invasion.

My Thoughts…

Catherine Jordan was kind enough to send me ARC copies of  Seeking Samiel and the sequel (nope not going to tell you lol). Actual hard copies which was such a nice change from my usual digital copies. As a book lover, I really appreciated this gesture.

Okay, Let’s get down to business. Seeking Samiel is not a light read, so be prepared to put on your thinking caps. It is very dense, thoroughly researched, and extremely well written. It is quite obvious that the author was very careful with every detail., which is wonderful but you will need to dedicate some time to it and it deserves it.

The characters are rich and complex. Eva is exactly as she should be. Charismatic, charming–the ultimate seductress. For me character developement is very important. I think I have mentioned before that I hate when secondary characters are just plopped in the story as sounding boards for the protagonist. definitely not the case with these characters. Each character has so many levels, a novel could be penned for each one.

The story itself is captivating and full of suspense. Like a good-old-fashioned ghost story. I really enjoy horror stories based on theology. Good vs Evil, Heaven and Hell and of course the Man in Black. More so, when such stories are flipped on their head so to speak.

Seeking Samiel is a well written, enthralling and intelligent. A heavy read but very enjoyable. One thing’s for sure, Catherine Jordan knows her stuff. I would highly recommend it to people who not only love horror but also appreciate good literature.





Catherine Jordan


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