Chasing Princes By Erin Bedford

Book Review

Chasing Princes-The Underground Book #3-Erin Bedford

Eek! I’m so excited! I love this series! This is book #3 of The Underground Series and it just gets better and better!

I wish I had been able to post this days ago when I received my ARC (Sorry Erin) but with the holidays looming, I’ve been swamped. In all seriousness, if my reading list was a person…it would be towering over me wagging a disapproving finger. I may have cheated a little and pushed Chasing Princes to the top. Trust me, it deserves it.

Chasing Princes

Release Date: November 25 2016 

Who would you save?

The Fae and human worlds are merging at a rapid pace, leaving Kat two options; crash with the rest of them or ride it out and claim her place.

With both of Kat’s knights out of the picture, it’s up to her to face new dangers and defeat old enemies. But with Kat’s new powers still on the fritz and her most trusted companion no longer at her side, this librarian has to decide what’s worth saving and what will be sacrificed.

Only one question remains: Can Kat save the Underground if she can’t even save herself?

My Thoughts…

Ugh! It is so hard to review books in the middle of a series without spoilers but here goes…

Kat remains brokenhearted after her admission to Chess and Alice is trying to keep her focused on strengthening her magic. Fae are running wild in our world and humanity doesn’t know what to make of them.

Chasing Princes pretty much picks up where Chasing Cats left off and then it’s non-stop action for the remainder of the book.

The writing is as sassy as ever, new and existing characters continue to surprise, and the story remains enticing and sexy. I loved the new references to the original Alice in Wonderland and as always, there are refreshing twists to the “Alice” elements. One of my favourite things about this series is how there are Fae explanations for all of Alice’s crazy adventures.

Kat has a huge job to do in this book and yet her focus is more on love and I liked that. It made the story more personal. Yes she is trying to figure out how to save the Underground but she is also trying to save the cat… er man she loves even though he may or may not deserve it.

I really liked this one, and The Underground Series continues to hold me hostage. I can’t wait for Chasing Shadows. My apologies for the few spoilers, but if you haven’t started reading the series by now, what exactly are you waiting for?  Alice in Wonderland fans will adore it and for the fantasy and romance crowd…you will not be disappointed.

Rating… A


Erin Bedford

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Chasing Shadows-Erin Bedford

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