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Spectral is a new Netflix Original movie and a perfect example of the direction Netflix is going…

Netflix just keeps raising the bar with fantastic features like Spectral. Apparently, This grade-A flick was supposed to be launched on the big screen by Universal this summer but somehow it ended up on Netflix instead. Hey, no complaints here because I got to watch it on my comfy sofa by the light of my Christmas tree.

Spectra is a sci-fi/thriller about  a special-ops team dispatched alongside a DARPA scientist to fight what appear to be supernatural beings in war-ravaged Slovenia.

Spectral (December 2016)

Starring:  Emily Mortimer, Clayne Crawford and Max Martini.

Director:  Nic Mathieu

Rating: PG-13

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My Thoughts…

This movie has been described as Gears of War meets Ghostbusters, which I feel is an unfair comparison. Yes it is very much a tactical Army movie, and yes there is a supernatural element. However, Spectral merits more than that. Possessing a better than average cast, big-screen SFX and a fantastic score, Spectral would have been a worthy opponent in the blockbuster arena. It’s not clear how Netflix got their hands on it but I am stoked that they did.

The premise of the film is engaging and it plays out well onscreen. There are plenty of thrills, blow-em up action and also the added bonus of having an intelligent and scientific edge. I really enjoyed Spectral and it reaffirmed my belief in paying $8.99 per month for quality entertainment.

Spectral is a solid Sci-Fi and I believe it would appeal to a wide range of movie fans.






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