Rogue One

Honestly my friends, I am far too excited to write any of the usual stuff today because today is Rogue One day!

It’s true! Christmas has come 10 days early in our house as we have tickets to opening night. Guaranteed AVX seats. No lines, no “Sold Out” signs, no stress. Just pure unadulterated excitement.

Do you recall the days of waiting in line for hours on opening night of the latest movie? By the time you got in to the theater your snacks were either gone or cold and if you weren’t there early enough, you got to sit with your head at an impossible angle for at least 2 hrs.

Not anymore! We may have to pay a lot for the luxury, but modern technology and comfort is now easily attainable.

Tonight as I’m nestled into my cozy recliner, eating warm popcorn and watching the magic unfold, I will think of you guys…maybe not lol. I will tomorrow when I let you know how it was.

3 thoughts on “Rogue One

  1. I had to buy the reserved seats too. Ours were the D-Box/rumble seats where they moved in connection to the film like it was a Disney World ride. Anyway, I would normally have taken a personal day off of work for Star Wars (totally worth it!) but I had parent conferences that night. So instead of seeing the first show at 7:30 I had to wait until 10:15. Siiiiiigh. To ensure we had good seats coming from work, we did the same thing. It was kind of exciting to just walk into a packed movie theatre and have your seats waiting for you :).

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      1. Personally, I didn’t think so. They didn’t add enough for the shift in price from $9.75 to $17.50. But having the seat reserved when I worked late certainly was worth the up-charge :). I’ve only seen three films in D-Box seats but ‘The Conjuring 2’ was most worth the money. They were programmed brilliantly and made it SO MUCH SCARIER.


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