Fun Gift Ideas For Bibliophiles

There are still 3 more shopping days left until the big day!

If you have a book-dragon to buy for, there are more options than just books. Not that we don’t appreciate getting them, but it can be tough when you don’t know if we have read this or that book, what we already own, or if we use an eReader etc… So let’s think outside the box shall we? 

The Fashionista

Just because we are obsessed with reading, doesn’t me we don’t like other things too. Here are some bookish items for people who are proud to be bookish!

Personally I adore scarves! Uncommon Goods has a beautiful selection of literary inspired scarves. Printed with either quotes from popular books or random dictionary definitions, these scarves make an excellent gift. Bonus: They now ship to Canada!

Can we talk about this Princess Bride Purse? OMG! Love it! I can’t think of a more unique gift. Most of the above items can be found either on Uncommon Goods or at various Etsy shops! (Sweater available at Geaked Out Threads)

For the Home

Now this is my thing. I love home decor and though it drives my husband nuts, I regularly like to redecorate. The easiest way to do this is with accessories like throw pillows etc..

Etsy is your one-stop shopping destination if the book-worm in your life likes to be surrounded by bookish things.

The authentic vinyl (recycled) bookends would be great for music lovers too. They can be found at Uncommon Goods and are completely one-of-a-kind. The rest… Etsy. I have always wanted to do my stairs like this. Now you can find decals for around $36 per riser. A far better deal than hiring an artist. (Throw Pillows: Bookish Serendipity)

I am redoing my stairs soon and am seriously considering the book spine decals! Ideas can be found on Pinterest and Etsy. (“Hot Girls Read” mug available on Amazon)

FYI, hot girls do in fact read!


The market for book inspired bobbles is HUGE! You can pretty much google “Bookish Jewellery” and get a million hits. That said, Etsy seems to be the place to go. There are several shops that specialize in this kind of thing and they appear to be reliable and I’ve yet to have a bad experience. (Knock on wood.)

Mini book charms and pendants appear to be very popular. Not surprising, considering how adorable this tiny Harry Potter locket is. Personally I would love the “Bibliophile” necklace but the mismatched book earrings are darling. (Book Locket: TuesdaysAndFridays, Earrings: Uncommon Goods, “Bibliophile” Necklace: Exaltation)

As someone who is proud to own such monikers as “Book-Worm” and “Book-Geek”, I would love to find any of these items under the tree. And hey, nothing wrong with giving yourself a nice gift either.

Happy Holidays!



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