Legendary (A Horror Anthology) Review: By Theresa

Book review


Another creepy story brought to you by Theresa. This time from a horror anthology by Laura Harvey. The story? Triskaidekaphilia.

Urban legends. We’ve all heard them, we’ve all told them. They fill the role that fairy tales once held—morality tales meant to frighten us into sticking with the herd, obeying society’s rules, and not taking any chances. In most urban legends, once someone transgresses, we know things won’t end well for them. 

Legendary: Triskaidekaphilia

But what if the bright spark of romance also common to these stories refuses to be snuffed out? What if it bursts into a love that fights for its chance to burn? Can love triumph over evil? Forgive any trespass? Heal any wound?

This anthology features new stories by Sara Dobie Bauer, Wendy Sparrow, TR North, Aisling Phillips, and Michael Leonberger.


My Thoughts

First of all, what does “triskaidekaphilia” mean? According to an online dictionary, it’s the extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen. Hmmm…my favorite number. Just judging from the cover, I had a feeling I was going to like this book.

There are some great things about the collection. For one, it’s a selective group of stories, only five in total. And, the length is manageable. I like that it’s not too short, nor does it feel like you need an eternity to complete. In addition, the editing and formatting is professionally done.

One aspect that stood out is that there is a variety of romantic points of view. In other words, you will not only be reading about heterosexual romantic relationships. Men in love with men and women in love with women are also represented. I found that unexpected and refreshing.  

As a whole, the tales are spooky and entertaining. There are two ghost stories, one paranormal/unexplained story, and two psychopathic/killer stories. Most are well-written and engaging. I’d have to say my favorite was “La Vie En Rose”, as it is both strange and original. It really kept me guessing, and the writing was artful. My critique: one or two of the pieces left me with unanswered questions that I thought should have been made clearer; and I felt that the last story “The Hook” was mistitled and too drawn out. The ending was good, but it was a long time in getting there.

All in all, this anthology is worth your time—and it’s only $0.99! I look forward to the publisher’s second volume Ravenous(about vampires) that comes out in October. Is it Halloween yet?  

Rating: B



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