200 WordPress Followers!


It’s been a labour of love but thanks to you guys I’ve broken the 200 mark!

 In the last few months, my little blog has really taken off. Considering it’s been almost a year since I’ve launched Reads & Reels, I’ve been asking myself what am I doing differently? What wasn’t I doing right in the first six months? What is making the biggest difference? The answer I have come up with is this… it’s you guys! My fellow bloggers in the WordPress community. Instead of just posting and keeping my head in the sand, I have been meeting new bloggers, sharing posts, commenting on the blogs I follow, basically actively participating. And you know what? My numbers have improved, but more importantly, I am learning from you all. Meeting fabulous writers such as yourselves has been rewarding, fun and it has enriched my blogging experience in too many ways to count.

So thank you! Thank you for your support, your readership and your friendship.

Shanannigans XO

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