A Series For Sunday: Pirate (A Fairy Tale Bad Boy Series)


This week on “A Series for Sunday” I’m going to talk about Erin Bedford’s Fairy Tale Bad Boy Series.

Specifically, Pirate, which is a fairy tale retelling of Peter Pan. A very sexy retelling where Pan is the bad guy and a naughty fae and Captain Hook has both hands and knows how to use them.  

Pirate (Book #2)


She came to the Never Isles to get away from the stress of everyday life. To find adventure and maybe even a little bit of romance. What she didn’t expect was to get swept up by the charming sea captain with a gleam in his eye. A gleam that told her he wanted to do wicked things to her and lord help her she might just let him.


He wasn’t looking for adventure, he’d had his share in the navy. After a dishonorable discharge for a crime he didn’t commit, he was friendless, jobless, and on the run. His only solitude was the Never Isles where nobody knew his name. Until she literally fell into his arms. Can he find solace in her carefree heart before his past crimes catch up with him?


There are 3 books in total so far, each a retelling of a fairy tale or fairy tale character. You don’t have to read them as a series. They do tie together but you can read them as standalones as well. Pirate is the first one I’ve read and it’s cute. Definitely for a mature audience though as it contains some pretty detailed love scenes.

The twist to this story is that Peter Pan is the villain. A feckless fae who preys on young women vacationing on the island. Until he meets Wendy and tries to seduce the one woman who has the resources and the guts to bring him down.

Pirate is a fun, imaginative read. It can be a bit farfetched but I think that’s to be expected.

The Fairy Tale Bad Boy Series

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