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Here’s another review from our resident Horror guru, Theresa.

I really love the posts Theresa has been doing lately. Reviewing anthologies and webzines has added a fun, new dimension to the blog that I hope you all are enjoying. I know I am. 

Unnerving Magazine: Issue #1

This magazine does not read like a first installment. The publication possesses a unique quality and confidence that makes it stand out. Overall, the text is professionally edited (Eddie Generous’ journalistic talent is evident here) and the pages are visually interesting. I really enjoyed the artwork that’s paired with each short story, and the colorful advertisements sprinkled in. There’s really an edgy and creative feel to the issue as a whole.

The fact that there are a handful of author interviews and book reviews are invaluable. Finding out inside information about writers and editors is a treat for horror fans, as well as helpful to other authors who look to glean tips and insight regarding publishing. The interview with Richard Thomas, editor of Gamut, is a prime example. Generous’ line of questioning is fresh and to-the-point, and Thomas’ replies are casual and candid. Furthermore, after reading the short stories in this edition, it gave weighty credibility to the book reviews. In other words, readers are being pointed in the direction of quality horror fiction.

Speaking of that, I would be amiss not to mention the short stories published here. Whenever I read an anthology, I make note of my favorite tales. Usually I have at least one story that I find rather “meh” and only one or two that are outstanding. I always chalk up to the fact that a reader can’t like everything anyway, and many anthologies are generously giving fledgling writers a spot. However, I have to say that this magazine is a compilation of veteran story-tellers that know what they’re doing. The tales are concise and fast-paced, and many of them end with a punch.

I admit that I have a few favorites. “What Returns, What Remains” was creepy with its wonderfully horrific imagery—not to mention an artfully done conclusion. “Gas” had me cringing along the way, which I loved. “Twinwalkers” immerses us a realm that is disturbing, especially if you hate spiders. “Eighty-Eight” blew my mind, and so did the ending of “Peculiar Paradise”. “Look” is also worth mentioning, a nice gory finale to the horror fiction collection.

Hopefully we will see many more issues of Unnerving Magazine. I’m anxiously awaiting the second one already.

Rating… A

Unnerving Magazine

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