Sick of Being Sick!

So the last week and a half have been excruciatingly long! Do you know what’s worse than being sick? Having your entire family be sick at the same time. But moms don’t get sick days! Nope they just have to keep on keeping on and when everyone is better she is still sick and then gets a sinus infection for her troubles.

So with that blast of stale, overhumidified air, I give you some of Reads & Reels greatest hits. I’m sorry folks but I don’t have the energy for more.

Shanannigans xo

20 thoughts on “Sick of Being Sick!

      1. RamblingLisa

        Tell me about it! Hopefully the meds help. I’d a bad weekend with my neck but at least that was just me not the rest of the family lol but I can sympathise!

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      2. RamblingLisa

        Very true…only prob is my meds stone me so bad I sleep 😪 roflmfao! So far behind on reading that book I’d said to you about, ticks me off when that happens!

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