My Other, Other Job

I am a woman of many hats and if you’ve read my bio than you know I write for another site called Booknista! We cover a myriad of awesome things but one thing I do specifically is write exclusively about the TV shows I watch on my column called Rants & Raves. 

I don’t normally cross-post but this is a big week for vampire lovers (myself included). The series finale of The Vampire Diaries airs on Friday. Just in case my amazing readers (Yes you) want to take a peek at my latest offering, here it is.


13 thoughts on “My Other, Other Job

      1. Yep her! Well, lol. I just was the person who stood there while they got the lighting and cameras at the right angle. 😂 but I did lots of extra work too. I know I was on the Valentine’s episode that season. There’s a girl’s hand shredding a picture of her ex (which is me) then I walk past Caroline. I’m wearing a black too and I think my hair was dark brown and down.

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