At What Cost By James L’Etoile #Book #Review

Book Review

At What Cost- James L'etoile

“What would you do to save your child?” Um, absolutely anything!

This book involves extreme circumstances but as a mother I can tell you that without hesitation, I would do anything to save my baby!

At What Cost – A Detective Penley Mystery (Release Date: December 13, 2016)

What would you do to save your child?

Detective John Penley and his new partner, Detective Paula Newberry, of the Sacramento Police Department are tasked with leading the investigation into a local serial killer who has dumped three bodies in the past six weeks–and all of them are missing their internal organs. But while pursuing a lead, the detectives stumble upon a personal message the killer left behind for Penley. And it’s attached to a human kidney.

How could the killer know Penley’s son is on the kidney transplant waiting list? Now Penley’s baited into an impossible trap that could jeopardize his entire career. Will the detective take down the killer and place his faith in the medical establishment to heal his son? Or, will he make a deal with the devil for the transplant organ his son needs to live?

At What Cost, James L’Etoile’s engrossing new mystery, is a heart-stopping thrill ride that will keep readers guessing at every turn. Fans of Michael Connelly and Thomas Perry won’t be able to put this down.

My Thoughts…

This question at the very top of the synopsis is what drew me in and forced me to request the book from Netgalley. I mean my arm was twisted up my back I was so intrigued and really had no choice!

John is a detective along with his partner Paula. They are investigating the cases of bodies that have had their organs removed then John gets a kidney delivered to his home. The kidney being delivered to his house brings in the fact that John’s son is in need of a kidney transplant. This leads John to start investigating the black marketsales of organs for transplant.

We are brought through the seedy underworld of how the black market works, the psychology of someone involved within this environment and why he has turned to this life. Also, we not only have two detectives investigating but one, as a parent, torn about whether or not to go down this road to save his son’s life and what is his best way to save him.

 I found this a very well written and got very involved in the story. I loved the pace and how the whole story came together. Reading as a parent I actually thought quite a bit, after I finished reading, about being in this position and tried to mentally put myself in their shoes and decide if my child was dying what road I would take.

This is very much a book that anyone who likes thrillers/mysteries will enjoy but it would also appeal to book lovers in general.

I would like to thank Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books for my copy of this ebook.

Rating… 4 Stars

Available on Amazon

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