The Blogger Appreciation Award #Blog #Blogger #Awards #ThankYou

The Blogger Appreciation Award

Woo hoo! The Blogger Appreciation Award? Sniff…Thank you!

The gals over at Graphic Novelty 2 gave me and Reads & Reels the most amazing shout-out and I was so touched, I got a little choked up.

Shannigans @ Reads & Reels is a blogger we aspire to! She participates regularly in book tours and her reviews cover versatile topics in movies, pop culture and novels. Her graphics are top-notch, and she is a positive force in the comments section.

Thank you Nancy and Kathleen for your kind words. It means so much, especially coming from such amazing people. Check out their blog guys, it’s frikin awesome!

There are so many incredible blogs that I admire in our community. What makes them even more special are the wonderfully talented people behind them. So that said, it’s time to share the love!

Kristen @ Kristen Twardowski 

Almost daily, Kristen writes the most amazing posts for book lovers and writers. They’re well-written, enjoyable and always interesting. I look forward to reading her stuff and I’m positive I’m not the only one.

Book Babe @ Booknista

Not only has she tought me everything I know about blogging, she also gave me my first shot at writing and now I am privileged to have a full-time gig on her amazing website. She is a wonderful mentor and an amazing friend.

Angie @ Angie Dokos

Angie is a fabulous writer and author! In addition to that, she uses her blog almost exclusively to share the work of other writers and bloggers and she generously shares people’s work through social media regularly. She is such a gracious and supportive person that I have called her my “Fairy Blogmother”. Honestly, she is one of the people who has made Reads & Reels (and other blogs) succeed and flourish.

There are tons of you guys out there that deserve to be nominated and I just want to thank you for all of your support!

Shanannigans x0

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